Rough Day Part 2

    I went back to that Rottweiler again today. This time the training session went much better. The owner bought an outdoor dog kennel based on the recommendations of this site so that their dog could play in a contained area. Dogs, being the den creatures that they are, sometimes respond better when you are defined into a smaller area. This also limits the distractions that are around them.

    Thankfully my theory was correct and we had a much better training session. The dog remembered all the commands that we had taught when we were playing fetch on the first day. In addition, we were able to successfully walk on the leash.

    The owner reported that the dog had been a little less hyper and more controlled since we first visited. I was glad to hear this. With a bit more training I am confident that were to be able to rehabilitate this dog.

    Today’s session focused on having the owner give out the commands and establishing themselves as an alpha. It’s incredibly important that the owner establishes themselves as an alpha since they’re the ones that I can be around the dog all the time.

    This owner was a bit timid and had a hard time establishing themselves as an alpha. They were scared that they were going to upset the dog and that the dog went unlike them. I reassured the owner that this was not the case. Dogs perform best in a pack where there is an alpha. Eventually the owner was able to get it after much training them.

    One common theme that you will see one training a dog is that more often than not you actually have to train the trainer more than you actually have to train the dog. Dogs are natural followers when it comes to humans. They just needed human to be an alpha and they will follow. Unfortunately, most humans are scared of being the alpha because they may upset the dog. So if you’re ever in a pension and you need to wonder why your dog is not doing as you command, remember that you need to first establish that you are Alpha.