How to get your old dog used to the new puppy?

    How to get your old dog used to the new puppy

    Having a new dog in the house can be very exciting. For dog owners, it is like having a new member addition to the house. But usually your pet dog will not find it easy to welcome a new puppy in the house. There are many reasons behind it, including, insecurity, sibling rivalry and possessiveness about their place in the house. The process of introducing the new puppy to your older pet dog might seem a little confusing. But it is your responsibility to introduce your new puppy to the pet dog properly otherwise it can create many issues and make both dogs unhappy with each other.

    The basic problem begins when a new dog comes into your house your pet dog’s territorial instincts tell him to defend his house and place. This is one of the most important reasons why your pet dog may not be as welcoming as you are to the new puppy. Following are some very important points you must consider while introducing your puppy to the house dog.

    1. Place both the dogs separately

    Dogs have a very keen sense of smell which enables them to be aware of their surroundings. When a new dog comes home, make sure there is no visual contact. Keep both the dogs in separate cages for a start. Submissive posturing can trigger immediate reactions. This may lead both of your dogs to quarrel and get into a fight. For a few days instead of having visual contact let them smell each other, you can switch their toys or blankets. This is a better form of communication and an easy way to make them understand each other’s existence.

    1. Let your new puppy roam around the premises

    Letting your new puppy roam around the house will help him get familiar with the atmosphere. This will help him in adjusting with everyone in your house. Let the new puppy explore your old dog’s smell and learn to feel secure and not endangered by the pet dog. Make sure you give as much time as possible to your new dog for exploring the house. As you place your new puppy into the cage let your old dog come out and smell his scent.

    1. Switch your Dogs

    As your new dog comes back to the cage, let your old dog come out and sense his smell. When your pet dog comes out of his cage he will rigorously find the smell of the new puppy all over the place and help him get used to it. Let him sniff as much as he wants. Once he is satisfied with the smell, let him come to you. Make him feel comfortable by regular pat and encouraging gestures. Let him sit on your lap, play with him and spend some quality time. This will make him comfortable with the new puppy in the house.

    These are some very crucial tips you must follow when you bring a new puppy to your house. These tips will certainly make the introduction process much easier for you.