How can I help my puppy calm down?

    How can I help my puppy calm down

    If you have a hyperactive puppy, the main cause of this behavior could be boredom or lack of exercise and stimulation that your puppy is goes through on a daily basis. In order to fix this problem, it is important to change the way you interact with your dog and increase his daily dose of exercise and involve him in activities that can help him use his energy properly. Here are some of the things you can try out to make sure that your puppy calms down.

    1. Ignore Hyperactive Behaviour

    Most of the times you puppy is craving for your attention. By paying attention to his hyper outbursts every time might help in reinforcing this problematic behaviour which you are trying to eliminate. Next time when you see your puppy jumping or barking at you in full excitement, try to calm him down by ignoring him. Do not touch, talk, or look at him and he will gradually understand your signals.

    1. Give your Puppy a Job

    Most of the times your puppy’s hyperactive behaviour can be directly linked with him being bored and having nothing to do. Hyperactivity in dogs occurs from his psychological needs as easily as it can come from physical needs. To counter this, give your puppy an activity that he can enjoy, this will remove the hyperactive behavior and help him in investing his excess energy elsewhere. Another thing you can do is add a backpack on your puppy which will help them to focus on the road rather than get distracted by his surroundings.

    1. A Long Walk

    If you feel that your puppy cannot utilize his energy at home properly, then take him for a good long walk. It will help burn extra calories and the walk will leave him too exhausted and tired to jump around the house. This will enable him to relax for 4-5 good hours.

    1. Check Your Energy

    Many experts believe that puppies are a mirror of their master. This means that all the energy which you project will reflect back in your puppy. Are you in a pleasant and calm state of mind? Are you projecting excess energy? Are you suffering from stress due to a situation or have any kind of burden on your shoulders?

    Make sure you are not the one suffering from any issues because if you are, you will find your puppy disturbed as well. A nervous or anxious mindset can very easily translate into anxious or nervous body language or even tone of your voice. It can directly affect the energy and gregariousness of your puppy.

    1. Try Aromatherapy

    Your puppy has a strong sense of smell. Experts believe that the smell of lavender is very relaxing and has a soothing effect that can help calm down your puppy. You should also talk to a VET to find out which smell can work for your dog and which methods you can adopt to help calm your puppy down.