Best Ways To Exercise Your Dog

    Best Ways To Exercise Your Dog

    Dog is a man’s best friend. They do not only bring you comfort but stay with you through bad times and good. At times it is important to give your dog proper parenting by involving them in various activities that will train them and make them behave better in various surroundings.

    Exercise is one of the most important aspects of your dog’s health. It you want a healthy dog it is very important that you involve him in proper physical activities. Dogs are full of energy and it is very important to channelize this energy. Lack of exercise can cause behavioural problems in dogs. However, the time of exercise depends on your dog’s age, breed, and other complications that they may face while growing up. Sports dogs and active dogs usually need more exercise, while senior dogs, puppies and small breed require less exercise. No matter what breed your dog belongs to, it needs daily exercise.

    While designing a workout plan for your dog you must consider a few things. Following are some of the steps you may consider while designing a workout plan for your dog.

    1. Walking

    Walking can be the best exercise for both, you and your dog. Depending on your dog’s breed, a daily walk of minimum 15-20 minutes is sufficient. If you have a sports dog then the duration will be 30-40 mints. If your time permits you then you can also take him for a walk twice a day. Since dogs have less control on their bladder so it is advised to take them for a short walk at least twice a day. Walking is a better option as it build your dog’s stamina without making him feel tired.

    1. Sprint Exercises

    Sprint exercises are fun. You just have to manage your exercise time according to the stamina of your dog. One of the most favorite game for dogs is catching a ball or a frisbee. Just take a ball and throw it anywhere. Ask your dog to catch it and get back to you. This exercise will work as a cardio exercise for your dog. Just make sure you utilize his energy level and not tiring him much.

    1. Play Brain Games

    Brain games also play an important role in your dog’s mental health. Playing regular metal games will improve his intelligence and also the relationship you have with your dog. Try to include edible toys to make exercise more interesting for him. Dogs love tomatoes  Take a tomato and hide it somewhere. Ask your dog to find it and get back to you. This will improve their sniffing skills.

    1. Running up and down the Stairs

    If you want a rigorous workout for your dog then making him run up and down the stairs is a great exercise. Running and walking do not stimulate all the muscles in the body, whereas running up and down on the stairs help engage all the muscles and can make your dog more active. Stand on top of the stairs and throw a toy down. Ask your dog to bring it back to you. Repeat this several times. This will serve as a great workout for your dog.